Magazines, shmagazines.

I’ll admit to being young enough to claim the internet era as my own. Just yesterday, I was asked about reading magazines as a means to find out information for new books.

Wait… What? You can find book information from magazines? People do that? What on earth for, when the Internet is at your fingertips. And you paid for this information?? Your mama should have taught you better.

Then my attention was brought toward the closing of a once popular magazine that helped propel the very genre I write for. Another magazine was mentioned as well but I just wasn’t interest. I didn’t even look it up, I’m that lazy.

I don’t know if it’s a personal interest, and that I just don’t like magazines, or if it’s a generational thing and that I’m just missing the appeal of glossy pages with limited information and a bunch of ads that I’ll never care about. I wonder how many people out there would share my opinion on the subject?

“In depth author interviews”

are online.

“Book Reviews”

are online.

“Ratings and excerpts”

are online.

While, I’m sad to see any type of business close down, I don’t see it so much a sign of the economy, as a sign of the times. I doubt my four children have ever read a magazine, but they can google like little champs. No, that’s not true. Every year, at Christmas time, Toys R Us send out their annual toy catalogue, they read that faithfully and circle what they want, namely everything.

I think my overall point is that I’m so used to the instant gratification of the internet, that I can’t imagine having the patience to wait for a magazines publication date, or for it to arrive on my doorstep.


7 thoughts on “Magazines, shmagazines.

  1. While I agree on your stance regarding magazines, there is still a need being filled by magazines, namely portability.

    Portability is still a driving factor for the continuing existance of printed magazines and is the reason I myself have a subscription to one. While it is true that the same amount and detail of information can be gathered from the internet, it cannot be in all the same places a magazine can go. To my knowledge there is still no internet provided on airplanes, though I know they are working on it, most companies waiting rooms, boats and ferries, and hospital waiting and recovery rooms. These are but a small example of places where people are forced to wait for an undetermined amount of time and where magazines still have a foothold.

    No matter what I look at on the internet, I see ads. The adds presented to me on the internet are often not very well targeted or tuned to the web page content. This is another area where magazines still excel, in the odd event that a person actually cares for and reads the adds in a magazine.

  2. I’m not sure about the internet on airplanes, I thought there was. With cell phones like mini computers, waiting rooms aren’t much of an issue. I’m not saying there’s no need for magazines, just that I personally don’t have one. 🙂

  3. Hi Kristy,
    I followed you over from The Haunt just to read this blog post. Was a bit nosey. LOL

    I agree with it, totally. But, my mom still has to have her mags come in the mail. She’s 72 and doesn’t do computers. Besides she is from the time when magazines and even newspapers were essential to getting gossip, doing research, and just generally being in the know. Even I grew up on Highlights for Children and Children’s Digest magazines. WE had no internet back in the dark ages, you know.

    Mom still loves to snip recipes, ogle the ads for new clothes and products, and read the “Dear Abby” type columns. I offer to print pages from the internet for her and her answer is, “It just wouldn’t be the same.” Much like so many readers who still insist on holding a paper copy of a book.

    The only time I ever read a mag now is while waiting in a DR office and even that is fading as I’d rather be playing a game on my cell phone. Things sure are changing and you are definitely right about it being a sign of the times.

  4. Hi Rebecca!! Be nosy all you want. I remember highlights, and I thought I was the bomb carrying around my issue of Teen Beat! I don’t think magazines will be going anywhere, they do serve a purpose, just not for me…

    Though, if I ever got married, I want to buy that big old wedding magazine just because I’ve always wanted to have a reason to buy it!!


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