The ability to waste time.

As writers, we know that our daily goal should be something like 2500 words. Those of us who graduated from the school of NaNoWriMo know that you need 1666 words a day to reach 50k in a month.

According to Write or Die I can write 1700 words in about 45 minutes. So theoretically, to keep in line with a writers daily goal, I should be able to write 2500 words in a little over one hour. That’s it… one hour.

Now, I allot myself four hours a day for writing. Heck, I should be turning out 10,000 words a day. Instead I think I use 3 of house hours on facebook, myspace, the internet, chatting on IM, browsing dating sites because God knows, I need to find a man *insert eye roll here* and now I’m on twitter too!? Those three hours can easily turn to like six, and I’ll find myself staying up late, and waking up early. For what? So people I don’t know can fill me in details of their lives that will ultimately never effect mine.

And I soak it up like a sponge buddy. Tell me your details, let me share your life, so that mine is ‘that much more’ entertaining. For a minute it will make me remember that I don’t have much of one on my own.

Yesterday I wrote 164 words. The day before, I thought I was a super-writer because I wrote 6k ish. I guess if you balance the two together, I’m meeting some type of goal, except I’ll go a week and not write a single word.

For my ‘job’, I’m never late, I don’t shirk my duties, I never call in sick, internet connections and acts of God are the only reason I’ll not be there. And I’ll never get anywhere with this job. It is what it is.

Writing is fun, it’s something I ‘want’ to do. Never mind that I could eventually make more money than being a chat host. I’m learning, I’m goofing off, I’m playing around, and in the end, I’m wasting my time because I’m not being productive. See, I need an old Catholic school Nun editor to smack my hand with a ruler each time I go online when I’m writing.

Actually, all she’d have to do is look at me, I’m a wuss. I’m so non confrontational that I think I’ve never called off work, not because I haven’t needed, or wanted, to, but because I’m scared of my boss.

There you have it, my ability to waste time… How are your time keeping skills?


2 thoughts on “The ability to waste time.

  1. According to my lifelong friend, it’s impossible to get married after 30 if you have kids… so I’m wasting my time on dating scenes… lol


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