Impatiently learning to be patient.

My book is done, it’s book one of a tentative series I called the Divine Ones. The Divine Ones are six Goddess’s who have children that must pass three Trials of Humanity to live as a deity among human mortals. The book I just finished took me six long months to write. To some of you, this isn’t all that long, to others still its. To me, six months is an eternity.

My short story is done, the revisions are done. This short story took me four years to write. I started it one night, so long ago, when I’d just moved into government housing in PA and at a low point when I no longer believed in happily ever after. I wrote it to give one married couple a happy ending, because I just didn’t know any.

It was one year ago today that I got the air mail from Harlequin saying that I didn’t win the contest but that my writing showed promise and that I should submit something more suited to their line. Well, Mills and Boon, not Harlequin. It’s always been my dream to write for Harlequin, not going to lie, I still have that letter framed just because they said my work showed promise. Who frames things like that?

So, now I have a query at Harlequin, revisions at Highland Press, and I’ve thoroughly outlined the second book of the Divine Ones. Then, out of nowhere, comes an idea of four short stories, linked by a disaster (thanks to someone on Facebook), all struggling in their marriage, thinking they need a divorce. The general idea is to write four separate shorts, perhaps having them all go to the same church.

When I get an idea, I can’t think of anything else. I have to think it to death to move on. Life is amusing, just when I think I couldn’t possibly be any more impatient, I find myself consumed with a new tale to tell. When I think of how much time I waste, I need to learn to look at how much I’ve accomplished. In a year’s time, I’ve become a co-host of The Haunt @ PNR ( I’m a reviewer for the same place. I’ve built my own website, have two blogs, wrote one novel and two short stories (the second one sucked, that’s why it’s not mentioned here)

All this, while being a mother of four rambunctious children and working 48 hour weeks. Just imagine what i could do if I stayed *off* Facebook, myspace, twitter, dlisted, perez and any other time waster that I have.

And yet, as I sit here writing this pat myself on the back blog, I realize that I’m wasting time because I still need to finish 3 reviews, critique a chapter for one person, 3 other’s for another, not to mention that I need to keep up with my word count of 2500 (ha! see previous post)

It’s exhausting being patient!!!



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