I can too!

It seems as though everyone is writing a book these days. Former President George W Bush thinks that people want to know about his decision making processes. Brett Michaels, you know that rock singer and horrid reality show guy, yes, him. He is going to write about his time with Poison (When he was relevant). The Octomom has a book deal I believe. The hero Pilot guy, Chesley Sullenberger… ok so I actually want to read his book, I won’t use him in this example.

The reality is that anyone can write a book. If you want instant backing, find your fifteen minutes of fame. Wrestlers have written them, sports legends, actors, musicians, politicians, murderers, anyone who has been in the limelight apparently has a get out of slush free card.

I read gossip rags like there’s no tomorrow, I soak up the lives of our rich and infamous. Though, now that I’ve written a novel, I’m seeing things through a different set of eyes. Which isn’t to say that I think those above shouldn’t be writing novels, I just think they are already legends in their own fields, it makes it that much harder to become one in mine. This Literary Goddess (Ha! still can’t) doesn’t want to have to go up against Brett Michaels on the NY Best Sellers List.

Someone wake me up, I’m dreaming again.

I digress, I think I’ve strayed from the point I had. You know whose book I’d like to read? My 12th grade English Teacher, Mrs. Hatch, I can’t think of a person who had a bigger impact on my literary life because she believed in me. To a screwed up teenager, someone genuinely believing in them is a pretty big deal.

I want to read a book about the 68 year old Fireman who retired after saving countless lives, but only remembers the ones he couldn’t save.

We’re flooded with infamy, bad decisions, drugs and sex… Why can’t we write about the Goodness that exists every day? Leave a comment with someone you’d like to see with a book of their life out.

I’ll be at BnN picking up a book that has infamy, bad decisions, drugs and sex, but with a happy ending!


4 thoughts on “I can too!

  1. I love Mrs. Hatch!!!! But I think she might say that everyone has something to say and therefor has a place in the literary world. You wont be competing with Bret Michaels because the only people who will buy his book arent smart enough to read yours.

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