Publishers, Editors, Agents… oh my!!

I don’t think I ever truly realized the depth of research that had to be done *after* the book was written. I’ve made and developed a network of supportive people with a great deal of advice to offer on any aspect of publication. The problem with that is the conflicting advice. It seems everyone has an opinion on every publisher, every editor, every agent.

The thing to do with advice is take it into consideration and discard it completely. A smart friend of mine said submitting is like shoe shopping. (An metaphor that I can really relate to) Why would you shop in the size three aisle when you wear a size 7?) Finding the right fit for your books is vital. It’s a waste of time otherwise, yours and theirs.

For the paranormal romance, I have three books. One completed, One half way finished, and one started. They are all part of the Goddess series that I’ve been working on. They aren’t all that dark, while they find themselves in dangerous situations, they aren’t dangerous. I use a great deal of comic relief and my characters are larger than life… on purpose.

My inspirational writing is more serious, overcoming obstacles to remain true to faith and heart. The short story has found a home, and I couldn’t be more delighted. We’ll see how it does in the coming months. I enjoy the balance writing both creates in me.

When I find a home for the books I will be equally delighted, and quite possibly exhausted. I have researched epublishers, small press publishers, large publishers. I’ve spoken with agents and editors and fellow authors. I’ve read submission pages, and what they were looking for. I’ve spent months researching and keeping notes, reading books by those publishers.

Here’s what I learned:

In the immortal words of Salt n Peppa…

“Opinions are like *ahem* everybody’s got one”

All the research in the world doesn’t take the place of selling a good product. I can’t recommend programs like IWW (Internet Writing Workshop) enough. Get your work critiqued, commented on, read by someone other than your mother.

Google it, you know you want to.

So, I’ve done my research, I’ve read my books, I’ve written and polished, and here I am, writing a blog about it. To let you know the depth of my neurosis, I have 218 book marked publishers, 75 bookmarked agents, and over 1000 networked authors between myspace facebook and twitter.

And I don’t even have a book out  yet.


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