Write with childlike wonderment.

Yesterday I experienced something that I can’t recall ever doing before. I went to the circus. The whole experience was something that I’ll cherish forever. Watching the faces of my sons light up when the women twirled, the clowns danced and the men bounced on the tightrope, made it a profound experience. Having my four children, sister and one niece sit quietly for two hours… absolutely the best experience I’ve had in a long time.

What is it about places like the circus that capture and hold ones attention so vividly. Is it that first initial hook? In this case the swirling motor bikes in a giant metal ball cage. When my sons saw that, they were stoked and didn’t look away for a moment. Then followed by a man in a hamster wheel that swung around the span of the tent, floor to ceiling. The constant fast beat of the music, his daring, the danger. Every bit was like a choreographed dance until the very end when they shot the man out of a cannon.

That is how I strive to be with my writing. I want to have that level of ability to bring out a childlike wonder in the imagination of the reader. I want to tickle their funny bone and engage them in my world. There are so many wonderful authors out there that do profound, I’m more apt to make you chuckle than think about global warming. And that’s ok. I’ve come to believe that doesn’t mean I’m wasting my talent, it means that I’m using my talent in the way I want to.


So, now I want to run away and join the circus. If you don’t hear from me for a while, call Cole Bros Circus.


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