What are these green things?

I remember a time when it thrilled me to no end, that my children ate vegetables and would actually ask for more. Then I discovered that I could write novels. Fast forward three years, two point five books, later and this is a conversation I had with my child.

Child: Mom, there’s something in this, its green.

Mom: I put green beans in it.

Child: I think its mold.

Mom: It’s not mold its green beans.

Child: I tasted it, its mold.

Mom: How would you know what mold tasted like?

Child: Are your really asking that? No offense but you aren’t the greatest cook in the world.

Mom: I would never make you mold.

Child: God has that part taken care of. What are these green things again?


Child: They need salt.

There really are no words to discuss how sad this makes me that my teenage child had no idea what green beans were.  Or that my food has taught her what mold taste like. I’m going grocery shopping tomorrow and buying nothing but vegetables!!

And coffee

Oh and well I need starbucks doubleshots

Oh and stuff for the kids to eat… oh wait I’m getting vegetables.

Shopping list:




2 thoughts on “What are these green things?

  1. ROFL! If it makes you feel any better, my son drags his green beans through applesauce to make them “taste better”. Yeah I know, ewwww. This from the child who will eat fish sticks and vienna sausages. Good stuff? Forget it!

    Maybe you should add applesauce to the list? 😛

  2. This is so funny–but not, if you know what I mean. Once I started writing I went from Super Mom to Who? Mom. Now they’re grown, so my husband is the only sufferer. Fortunately for me, he cooks. All those years, who knew?

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