Living off the kindness of strangers…

Now don’t take that title the wrong way… I pay my own bills (And usually on time too!!) What I mean by that is how much one a single compliment, from someone I don’t know, can fuel my ability to write for days. A while back, there was a joke about authors needing to be fed and watered, but they needed to be fed encouragement (not food). I can’t even begin to describe how incredibly true that joke turned out to be. In the past four weeks, my sales for the book I wrote ‘Divine Touch‘ have been dismal at best. Now, I know that promoting is not one of my biggest strengths, but I couldn’t believe I completely failed at it either.

That being said the fact remains that I suck. Not just suck… but completely and total failure at convincing people beyond friends and family (and believe me… not even very many of THEM bought it). I began to wonder if I had what it takes to do both… write and promote. (which of course led to me wondering if I would write at all… maybe that’s why they weren’t buying it… the book was just awful.)

Then, out of the blue, a woman messages me on Facebook to tell me how much she enjoyed the book. I didn’t know her, not related to her, didn’t give birth to her, or anything.. she really saw it, wanted to read it, got it and read it!! (And enjoyed it so much she felt the need to write to me and tell me about it!) In that one moment of reading that message, my ‘encouragement fed meter’ spiked and suddenly I’m more enthusiastic about writing in general.

Yes… I really am that neurotic…



One thought on “Living off the kindness of strangers…

  1. A lot of my friends are hard on themselves because they think that needing validation is a bad thing. I don’t know- I think it’s okay to get excited when someone appreciates what you do. I know I totally do.

    On a kind of related note, I watched Glee for the first time the other day and one of the characters said the most awesome thing, somthing like:

    I am like Tinkerbell. I can’t live without applause.

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