Coffee Time Romance Reviewed Divine Intervention – 5 cups!!

The Divine Ones Series: Book Two
ISBN# 978-1-60435-769-1
August 26, 2010
Red Rose Publishing
352 Pages
Fantasy, Mythology, Paranormal, Shapeshifter
Rating: 5 cups

Savannah Delseno had the perfect dress.  She may not have had the perfect groom, but when you have found an ancient scroll that mentions a family curse that will send you to the arms of a demon king if you don’t get married before your thirtieth birthday, you don’t mind settling.  What she didn’t plan for was the groom stabbing her to death on her wedding day while he and her stepsister, Kendall, made out over her dying body.  Waking up in a waiting room for the dead, she is in a terrible mood.

Death, or Gabriel as his brothers and friends call him, needs a new assistant.  His current assistant is off to marry one of his brothers.  So upon his old assistant’s recommendation, he stops into the waiting room to offer the job to newly murdered bride, Savannah.  When her quick wit and lovely face bring back to life a heart he thought lay as dead as his name in his chest, he is left trying to protect her from more than he counted on.

The Goddesses themselves are intervening to try to make right a twisting of the fabric of fate which threatens the balance of the entire universe when a demon king and death himself fight for the affection of one murdered bride.  And then the Shadow King, a creature feared by most, decides he wants Savannah dead as well?  Will Gabriel and Savannah find a love worth stopping time for or will she end up dead for real this time?

With a character who, on the first page, instead of bemoaning her murder instead is dismayed she died in a bridal gown rather than jeans, it is easy to understand how Ms. Bock draws you into a world riddled with mythological characters that you believe you could meet any day on the street.  Her dialogue is just as quick and hilarious as in her debut novel and her story draws the reader in, making this novel not only one for the to-be-read pile but one you will find yourself rereading to revisit the old friends she cleverly crafted.  Excellent read from one of my new favorite authors!

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance

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