Coffee Time Romance reviewed Divine Touch!! 5 cups!!

The Divine Ones Series: Book One
ISBN# 978-1-60435-692-2
April 8, 2010
Red Rose Publishing
337 Pages
Paranormal, Fantasy, Shapeshifter, Mythology
Rating 5 cups

Kate is thrilled when werewolf bones are delivered to her rather than to her ex-husband. She is stunned when the bones disappear, to be replaced by an irresistible naked man. When she gets wrapped up in a tangle that leads her to find she is the child of a goddess… Well, then someone better bring in the chocolate and her best friend.

Zane has been trapped in a void for five hundred years, until his bones are reunited on a sterile table by a woman who looks like the one who betrayed him so many years ago. Even carrying the face from his past, Zane finds himself drawn to the clever witch in a way that he has never felt before in all his many years of roaming the earth as a werewolf.

Brought together by the whims of a god and having to figure out the rules as they go, Zane and Kate must pass a trial of fire… that is, if they can keep from burning with the passion that ignites every time they touch.

A fun read, full of fast-paced dialogue and clever repartee between the cast of zany characters, Divine Touch was a true pleasure to read. From the whimsical characters that literally leapt off the page to the building sexual tension between Zane and Kate, this story was a blast to read and I will look for more of this author’s work.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance

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