PNR Reviewed Divine Intervention!!

“The Much Awaited Book Two of The Divine One Series”

Savannah Delseno is dead! It was bad enough dying, but to be murdered by your own fiancé, on your wedding day…Not Fun! When she is offered a job as Death’s assistant, at first she is reluctant. But the idea of maybe making her ex- fiancé suffer, seals the deal! One thing Death, aka Gabriel, forgot to mention was the transformation from human mortal to soul reaper. Oh, and that little thing of a family curse and one of the scariest demons ever coming after her!! Let the fun begin!!

Gabriel, aka Death, admired Savannah’s spunk from the moment he saw her. Knowing she would be a good canidate for the job, he agrees with his ex-assistant, Esmeralda that Savannah would make a good replacement. Yeah sure she is beautiful, but they would strictly have a professional relationship and that was all. He had resigned himself to being alone long ago; having loved deeply once, only to lose her. With his ex-assistant and soon to be sister in law trying to play matchmaker, Gabriel has his hands full trying to keep the very alluring Savannah at arm’s length. When a deadly demon comes looking for Savannah, Gabriel will do whatever it takes to keep Savannah; even a marriage in name only!

With Death mourning a lost love, Savannah wanting to kill her old love, an ex-assistant hell bent on a love match, and throw in a ancient demon…Oh yeah, things are about to get real interesting!

I loved Savannah!! She is a character that you can relate too. She says what we wish we could! Her spunk, attitude, wit, and one liners just cracked me up! She is going onto my favorite heroines list! I looked forward to the interactions between Gabriel and Savannah, magic together!! She brings out the fun in Gabe and I just enjoyed the two together very much! When they come together it is hot and steamy!! This couple had my attention from their first wordplay down to the last sentence in the story. I have to say I didnt expect the villian. Ms. Bock did an excellent job of building a very detailed world of gods, goddesses, demons and one mouthy, smart and just downright fun female lead!! Well done, and I cannot wait to see whose story will be told next!!!

Reviewed by Missy Brown
Posted August 26, 2010

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