PNR Reviewed Divine Touch!!

“A Must Read Debut Author of This Addicting New Series”

Pulling a fast one on her ex-husband, Kate Grezgorski beat him to a shipment that contained the bones of a werewolf. As she opens the box made of silver, Kate documents the process carefully. As she is taking pictures of the skeleton, in between one picture and the next, a extremely tall, sexy man takes the skeleton’s place. Thus begins Kate’s journey in discovering that her mother is a goddess. That even though she might have a special power, she is not the only one. One thing for sure, Kate’s life is about to change forever.

Finally waking up after spending several centuries trapped in his body, werewolf Zane DeSeville, is drawn to the beautiful woman who woke him. Even though she bears a strong resemblance to the woman who trapped him long ago. Asking for the fiesty witch’s help, Zane is feeling more and more under Kate’s spell. Never in all of his centuries has he ever felt this way about a woman. As they draw closer to one another, they piece their way through the maze of mystery to find the key to Zane’s freedom. What they find out is that Kate herself may be the key.

Ms. Bock did an excellent job of writing funny, sexy and memorable characters in a world of mythology, and my favorite thing, werewolves. I found Zane to be a perfect Alpha male that is sexy as hell. I love it when the heroine knows how to take care of herself, just like Kate. She can handle herself and is not afriad to tell you where to go, and how to get there! The chemistry between the two is Hot, Hot, Hot! Divine Touch is the first book in The Divine Ones series, and I can tell you I will be looking for book two, Divine Intervention, coming soon. This is an author to watch for and a series to put in your ‘read over and over again’ pile.

Reviewed by Missy Brown
Posted May 17, 2010

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