Salvation by Jacqueline Paige

Where did the idea for Salvation come from?

I’m not sure how other authors come up with their plots and ideas; I’ve never thought to broach that subject. Most of my own ideas come by way of the characters flashing through my mind in cryptic blurbs.  Sometimes I think there is a line up of them (characters) in there (my mind) and when it’s their turn they step forward (usually when I’m trying to go to sleep) begin the game of scene charades, leaving me to solve it. It was one scene that started Salvation; it played over in my mind for days before I sat down and tried to put it into words.

The scene was of a male character (at this point I had no idea who this could possibly be) that watched a young child grow up.  He always appeared (at this point I knew he wasn’t a normal man) when the child was upset or her world wasn’t treating her right.  At this point I had to stop and figure out who this man was.  Was he magic or from some other race?  Each scenario I tried didn’t fit the image of the man that was now stuck in my head.  I kept coming back to the fact that he was a pirate – which created a whole new list of questions…  If he was a pirate how was he in this day and time?  Even more boggling, how did he ‘appear’ to the little girl?

Salvation challenged me right from the start.  I needed to get my pirate into this era, with a woman that was going to accept him.  Time travel?  No, that didn’t fit either – where was a man from the 1700’s going to stumble across something like that.  My pirate character seemed cursed to be trapped inside my head, undeveloped at this point.  Cursed … that was it!  A gypsy cursed him in the 1700’s to be trapped between, not dead but not living either – and worse still he was confined to roam a small plotted out vicinity near the water he loved, but not near enough!

I would love to be able to explain how I worked out all of the details, but after that point I really can’t clarify it.  My character, Privateer Jareth Blackwood a.k.a Black Brand the pirate took my starting ideas and plotted them out to an ending he was quite pleased with.

The young girl, Miranda Story, turned out to be a woman that never gave up.  Regardless of what life threw at her, she just kept going with a determination that seemed never ending.  I’m sure if I had been seeing pirate ghosts as a young girl, I would have insisted my mother take me to a doctor so he could fix my head.  Miranda didn’t do that, in fact she did things that I still can’t believe came out of my mind.

I will say one thing though; I’m on the lookout for any pirate ghosts that need to be freed from a curse.


Two centuries of not existing is about to change…


Lost in a place between living and dying, confined to roam endlessly over the same grounds for all eternity and cursed to never be seen again, Jareth wanders through time alone and longing for the sea once more. When he realizes there is one thing he yearns for more than he ever did the sea, he is tossed into a world he is unfamiliar with.

Stuck with a life that never goes her way, Miranda is determined to get at least one thing she wants. When that one thing turns out to be a sexy pirate that lived over two hundred years ago, she finds herself faced with more than one challenge to have him.

Can they break the curse and be together?


Setting the linen down, he looked to the clothes again. He had tried twice to work the jeans and was at a loss. He heard the door close to the front room of the house. He smiled; Miranda could show him how to put these odd things on. He grabbed the jeans and opened the bathroom door. “Miranda, I am not—” He glanced up from the jeans to see a woman—not Miranda—standing inside her door but a rather tall, light-haired woman. He offered her his most charming smile.

“Hello.” She continued to stand there with her jaw dropped open and her eyes huge. He was uncertain what he was to say as to why he was standing in Miranda’s home with a small linen cloth wrapped about his waist.

The door opened behind the silent woman and Miranda came in. She stopped abruptly and looked up at the woman.

* * * *

“Jody? When…” She looked over at Jareth standing outside the bathroom door, jeans hanging from his hand and a white towel—a small white towel—wrapped around a mouth-watering tight waist. His chest was bare, beads of water from his hair dripped down it. Had she ever seen a more tasty set of abs in her life? She didn’t think so. She worked her way…slowly…up to his face to see he knew exactly what she was thinking. He winked at her, snapping her back to the problem at hand. She turned her head back to her drooling, stunned friend, Jody. “Jody?”

Jody turned with her mouth still hanging open. She shut it with a snap and looked back over at Jareth.

Randy turned to Jareth. “Could you give us a moment, Jareth?”

He inclined his head, but not before sending her a devilish look. “Most certainly, little one.” He smiled  widely at her gawking friend.

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