The Ripple Effect

Some of the things that happen to us are not cosmic retribution, or a ride on the karma train, but in fact a direct result of the choices we make. This morning when I woke up at eight, I made the choice to roll right back over and sleep until eleven. This one act could have had a huge impact on my day. Not that it matters, its Saturday and I don’t have to work today. However, I am the mother of four children, so I should have probably fed them or something.

As the day goes on, I will make more choices that will cause ripple effects throughout my life. Other people will make choices that will interact with mine. (these tend to be shitstorms instead of ripples. The best laid plans of someone else with good intentions scare the crap out of me!) One by one all of our little choices create this massive tidal wave of life that pushes us all forward. I hope you know how to surf, boys and girls, because it’s always better to be on top of a wave than under it.

Why does this happen to me? There is no greater selfishness than this question. I read a facebook post this morning, and the misery just seeped through their wall like ooze from a horror movie. Accidents happen. An astroid hurdling to Earth at 400 million miles per hour happens. You not taking care of the ripples you create in life, that doesn’t happen, its a choice. I firmly believe that negativity breeds negativity. I simply don’t allow negative influences in my life.

Nothing makes me giggle more than the power of Facebook, Twitter and the like for personal issues. I’ve ended friendships because people saw fit to use it for things they were too afraid to say in person. I made the choice this morning to get up and write a blog. I may even make the choice to make a cup of coffee. The jury is still out yet. You can be sure though, that I’ll announce the end result in some form of witty commentary on m Facebook just to see how many ripples I can interact with.

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