Clearing the mind clutter….

ImageOne of the most dysfunctional things about myself is that I make lists. Now, some of you might say but lists are great things! They help people stay organized. Not me. Lists are a procrastinators nightmare. I will make lists, make more lists, make even better more detailed lists. And then not do whatever was actually on the lists because I was far too busy making the lists to do them.

This is the story of my life really. I’m overcautious, so I will think something to death before I actually do it. If I actually do it, its pretty amazing. I can talk myself out of everything in this life. Even stupid things like shopping in the grocery store. I will hold in my hand a brand of coffee I prefer that is 60 cents more than the generic version. I will almost always put the more expensive brand back. It never fails.

I preach personal accountability to my children on a regular basis. I have explained to them that all actions have consequences, whether they’re good or bad consequences depends on the actions performed. I wish I’d of learned that lesson a little earlier in life. Then perhaps I wouldn’t be an over cautious, list making, procrastinator. Where am I going with all this? I’ll tell you!

I have a book that has been about 10k words from being finished for almost a year now. I have 4 books with at least 15k words written in them. I couldn’t possibly write them because my website wasn’t ready. I couldn’t work on the website because I couldn’t find the right template. I couldn’t find the right template because I was too busy with the blogs I used to write. I couldn’t write the blogs because I was too busy with work… etc. I’m sure you get the point.

Yesterday I got the website started in a big way. As long as no one clicks any link on my homepage, its a sight to behold. So dear gentle readers, keep me accountable. If you see me procrastinating… yell at me.




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