The wonderful Angel Martinez!

Endangered Fae Rides Again!

Stay with me…there’s a giveaway at the end of this ramble…

It was an innocent thought, the kind that authors get when they’re looking for a new idea for a standalone story.

I want to write a fantasy with a non-human character, but I want something different.

No elves, no sprites, none of the traditional fantasy fodder would do. Of course, this allowed me to do one of my favorite things: troll through folktales and myths. Didn’t take long this time. The pooka jumped up and smacked me in the face. Finn was born.

He’s been with me a number of years now, peering over my shoulder as I write, a character more real to me than many humans I meet in the non-fiction world. (You’ll get to have some time with Finn himself later in the blog tour.)

It really was supposed to be a standalone, one-time book. Seriously. It was. Four stories later, we’re still at it and planning the next one. Some worlds are planned. Others grow organically in the strange soil of the writer’s brain. This one is a dang weed.

A bit of a rundown on the Endangered Fae series so far:

Finn: Endangered Fae 1



Finn wakes to a poisoned world, lost and starving, but a man comes to save him, a white light in the darkness. Can a centuries old pooka find what he needs with a heartbroken, modern man?

 Finn’s Christmas: Endangered Fae 1.5



Canadian winters can be tedious. The cold, the snow, the hibernation… Finn has his reasons for wanting to escape the long sleep this year. Agonizing over the perfect gift for Diego has him turning mental circles, if he can only keep his eyes open long enough to make it work.

Diego: Endangered Fae 2



Diego and Finn’s peaceful life in Montana shatters when Diego unwittingly rips a hole in the Veil to the Otherworld. Navigating ancient feuds, they find some of the fae are dying. Mysterious prophecies, government agents, what else could go wrong?

 And the newest addition, released 1/21/13:

 Semper Fae: Endangered Fae 3




Zack thought he had a strange job before. Marine medic in a secret government base was odd, but personal assistant to a sidhe prince is downright bizarre. Throw in the fact that he’s fallen in love with his boss, and things reach unmanageable when Finn falls terribly ill and a monstrous creature attacks Zack one night. Lycanthropy and loose cannon mages conspire to make a hellish mess out of things – but the real peril begins when Diego loses an important piece of his mind.

 My poor boys…authors are so mean. Oh, yes, I mentioned a little giveaway, didn’t I?

For a signed, print copy of Finn (which includes both Finn and Finn’s Christmas as an added bonus) leave a comment below and tell me either:

  • Who’s your favorite Endangered Fae character and why or
  • If you haven’t read the series yet, who’s your favorite character out of traditional myth/ folktale?

Don’t forget to leave me an email contact or I won’t be able to send your prize if you win the random drawing!


About the author: Angel Martinez writes both kinds of M/M romance—Science Fiction and Fantasy. (Really, what else is there? LOL) For more info on Angel and her work, please visit:


The Website: Erotic Fiction for the Hungry Mind

The Facebook Author Page: Angel Martinez

The Goodreads blog: Angel Martinez


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8 thoughts on “The wonderful Angel Martinez!

  1. I haven’t read them yet. I have a copy of Finn but haven’t started it yet. I’m a fan of the immortal warrior myself. Usually of the Highlander persuasion

    smurfettev AT gmail DOT com

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