Finding Hope

hopeAs my previous Emo style posts were indicating, I’d found myself in somewhat of a darker area of my life. Nothing seemed to work out the way I planned or intended it to. All my roads, paved with good intentions, seemed to go to Hades in a hand basket before I had time to blink. I really struggled with finding that silver lining that everyone seemed so certain was just beyond that horizon. Well, I didn’t find mine, but a friend of mine found hers, and it put things in a new perspective for me.

This woman I work with is a good soul. She not only leads by example, but she truly appreciates what she has in life. It’s a rare breed of person these days to understand that we can’t always have what we want, rarely get what we feel we deserve, and almost always have to accept what we need in it’s place. I listened as she shared her struggles, and worried with her when things looked bleak for her. That ever present fear of going without something vital is a bond most of us can share.

Well, her perseverance amounted to the culmination of patience and faith. She kept doing her good deeds, kept living this life to the best of her ability, within her means, and simply made a hard situation stable and productive. The greatest thing about her is that she never complained. She just dug her heels in and made what life threw at her work. I truly envy that in her. It’s a strength of character that I don’t often feel I possess. I am still so desperately angry at the turning points in my life that I’ve never been really able to live in the moment.

I spoke with her today and saw the glow on her face as the burden she’d carried for so long was lifted. Botox or plastic surgery has nothing on the value of de-stressing to make a woman look beautiful. Her smile couldn’t be contained. It was that look of joy that sparked my own happiness. Even though hers has nothing to do with me, seeing it left a profound impact. Knowing that sometimes struggles really do come to an end made me begin to question the depth of my own anxieties. How much of them are based on reality, or are they based on  my perception of hopelessness?

So, thank you. Co-worker who shall remain nameless. In one conversation you helped piece a little bit of my soul back together. You gave me hope, and that’s something that I’d been sorely missing. Never underestimate the power of your reach, because even unintentionally you can touch the life of another.


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