Cover Reveal ~ SHIFTING DARKNESS #InterracialRomance #ASMSG #ParanormalRomance

As always Yvonne is fabulous

Whispers in the Dark

I came up with the storyline for Shifting Darkness while working on an anthology with Stephanie Burke and PJ Schnyder. Unfortunately, the anthology didn’t pan out, but we walked away with a friendship and 3 awesome stories about…

Are you ready for this?


Yeah, baby!

The characters in Shifting Darkness were so dynamic and so much fun to create, I felt that they would be right at home in the world of the Dragon Queen. 

The brilliant cover artist who created this cover, along with all the covers in the Dragon Queen Series, is Karri Klawiter. This woman is amazing, so amazing that if I wasn’t already married, I would ask her to marry me. 😀

Now, for the big REVEAL…

I present to you the cover for SHIFTING DARKNESS!


An unseen war is brewing in the shadowy underworld of London.


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