And You Thought PMS Was Bad

In case the chronic bad mood, or short tempered fuse didn’t give it away. I’m attempting to quit smoking. I’ve cleaned the bad people from my life, it’s time now to clean the habits that I’ve spent a lifetime developing. This upcoming birthday has me freaked out thanks to a rather backhanded comment my sonContinue reading “And You Thought PMS Was Bad”

Series of Unfortunate Text Conversations

This new adventure that I have found myself on has let me in on a few little secrets I’ve been keeping from myself. The first being that deep in the cockles of my heart, I’m a shallow mean girl. I had no idea that I had anything in common with the plastics of our society.Continue reading “Series of Unfortunate Text Conversations”

Amusing Conversations with Myself

Since nothing says bat shit crazy as much as admitting epic conversations with yourself, not to mention that my bosses happen to be on my Facebook and I’d rather they not question my sanity, I’ll pretend that this is normal behavior. I’m worse in my car than any other place. I am going to blameContinue reading “Amusing Conversations with Myself”

Wanted: Sex, Sanity, and Mind Blowing Coffee

I can remember the last time I had mind blowing sex that left me weak in the knees and breathless. What a great five minutes that was. I can even remember the last time I had sanity in my life. I’m pretty sure it lasted less in length of time than the mind blowing sex.Continue reading “Wanted: Sex, Sanity, and Mind Blowing Coffee”