Struck a nerve… did I?

It would seem that a certain person assume I was talking about them in my last blog, and thought to try and have it removed. I’m a pretty nice person, ask anyone, had they asked, I’d of simply taken it down. This is cathartic for me, and in no means meant to hurt someone else’s little feelbads. However, since that was obviously too difficult, I will go ahead and leave it up.

Now let me tell you how vastly amusing I find it that someone tried to go to war against a blog that 11 people read, none of which he probably even knows. Use your energy wisely people, we only get so much of it… sheesh. So in the spirit of I don’t give a fuck, here goes my eloquent retort:



And if that doesn’t get my point across…



Just be lucky I’m not actually a vengeful bitch. 



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