Eating On A Date

messyeater I’ll never understand why women such as myself, list dinner as a date option. In this case, lunch. My friends and I have had multiple conversations about eating in front of potential boyfriends and we all had the same reaction. It can’t be messy, it can’t be decadent, and it can’t make us look like we gorge ourselves regularly. Don’t judge, you’ve done it too. We want to look cool and sophisticated when we eat. We worry about what it will look like when we order, when it arrives, how we will look eating it, what our breath will be like afterward, and most importantly, will it have any lingering unpleasant gastric effects.

chicsheekI carry this same internal torture toward money. Hows that for amusing. I never go on a date if I can’t afford to pay for myself. This isn’t because I don’t appreciate someone paying for my meal when I’m out, but because I don’t want to expect that from someone its just weird. Also, I’m perfectly fine with going Dutch on occasion. I’ve even paid for some of my dates. My preference? Duh. I’m cheap as hell and poverty stricken. But there’s still always that moment, when asked about the check, or ordering at fast food. That moment of wonder, who is paying that drives me insane. I literally hate that moment. The lunch date I had yesterday excluded that moment. We went to Tokyo Express, he started his order, and looked at me to order mine while I was still looking at the menu. So, no wondering there. I wish it were always that easy.

Dating is expensive business. I hear men bitch about buying a woman movie tickets, dinner or what not, but let me tell you, a woman will spend three times as much just getting ready to go out. She chooses her appearance, makeup, shoes and scent based on what she feels will make her more attractive to you.

Dating is hard work. But its fun, I just wish it hadn’t taken me so long to give it a whirl.



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