Fate Schmate, I need a Date

So, as some of you may (or may not know) I write books on the side when I'm not knee deep in dating disasters. I'm horrible at promotion because I rarely think to do it. Today, one of the people I work with came up to me and told me how engrossed they are in … Continue reading Fate Schmate, I need a Date


Push Up Bras and Granny Panties

So I was rummaging through my dresser drawers as I hopped on one leg trying to finish shaving because my best friend reminded me that my legs were starting to look like the rain forest, and I realized a few things. I have some pretty awesome bras, that I bought a few years back, and … Continue reading Push Up Bras and Granny Panties

Are You #&%# Kidding Me?

Sex is an insanely boring conversation. Sure you can find out a few things here and there with words, but actions tend to garnish better results. (Please know I'm referring to discussing before doing. By all means women, be verbal in bed and let him (or her) know exactly what you want so you can finally stop counting ceiling tiles or faking the grand finale.)