Fate Schmate, I need a Date

So, as some of you may (or may not know) I write books on the side when I’m not knee deep in dating disasters. I’m horrible at promotion because I rarely think to do it. Today, one of the people I work with came up to me and told me how engrossed they are in a book I wrote a few years ago. It geeked me out on so many levels. It’s one thing to have the satisfaction of writing a book and it being published. It’s quite another to have someone tell me how much they enjoyed it. After all, I didn’t write it for myself, I wrote it for someone who wanted to be entertained for a few hours.

Much like these blogs, I write them more for others than I do for myself. While it’s cathartic to vent about the epic failures of my quest for a lasting relationship, I also want to entertain others. I’ve had people tell me that it’s inspired them to want to blog, and others tell me that they have my blog sent right to their email so they don’t miss a single moment. Those are honestly things I live for in my writing career. I want to be someone that makes others laugh.

Someone asked me today why I’ve been quiet on the blog front. I think that I’ve just been licking my wounds. I love meeting people, but it’s lame to meet people that I can’t connect with on any level. I’ve met some decent men, don’t get me wrong, but not ‘for me’ men. Currently I’m talking to a few still but haven’t really done anything or gone anywhere in a while.

Contestant #1- This is an ex-boyfriend. To quote Miranda Lambert, ever have a sore in your mouth that you just have to bite? He’s mine. Love him to pieces, but we’re horrible at the whole relationship thing. I still talk to him a few times a week. I’m not emotionally invested in him, but he’s been in my life so long that it would be like severing a limb.

Contestant #2 – The unhealthy choice. This guy has heartbreak written all over him. He’s frustrating, he’s completely emotionally unavailable. He barely has time to sleep let alone for me, and yet… I keep that door open because he makes me smile. I will never pick this man in a relationship, but eh, I like free coffee.

Contestant #3 – This is a man that hit on me at a bar. Nothing ever came of it, he went his way, I went mine, but every blue moon we connect via text. He introduced me to a world I’d never seen before. Get your mind out of the gutter, dude carried alcohol in his trunk so he didn’t have to buy it at the bar. This amused me because its genius and I never thought to do it. Then my friend and I went out one night and she had a bottle of Kinky for us to make stops at her car. Cracked me the hell up.

Contestant #4 – Talked on the phone with this guy for almost three hours. If you know me at all, you know that’s obscenely unheard of. I hate talking on the phone. He didn’t have a weird voice, his words were clear and engaging. He calls his daughter his side kick which I thought was adorable. All in all he has good guy stamped on his forehead. Good guys make me nervous, hell if I’d know what to do with one.

So my goal is to go out within the next ten days. One date, doesn’t ultimately matter with who. I’m so tired of hearing, stop looking, it will happen. I’m not looking for a pair of shoes, I’m looking for a life partner. Why on earth would I trust fate to know what the heck was good for me? Cause I assure you, me and Fate have some differing opinions on what works and what doesn’t. I’m going to keep searching until I find the one person who I click with.

PS. Go buy my book: The Light, by Kristy Denice Bock. If you like my blog, you’ll love my book.



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