Vivian of The Light


Meet Vivian:
One of my favorite characters, Vivian, decided she wanted a little bit of attention today. This woman is a debutante in red leather heels who moonlights as a demon assassin. She falls in love with Uriel, an Archangel. Their union creates Madison, one of the lead characters in The Light. Madison had no idea her mother was anything out of the ordinary, let alone a demon.

Parents these days…

(Madison) “This is disturbing. So who is my father? Radcliff, not Andrew,”

(Vivian) “Oh that fumbling boob! I hired him to be your father because statistics show that human children need both a mother and a father. I could have took you to hell for all the therapy bills it cost to raise you.”

(Madison) “I didn’t go to therapy,” Madison said in confusion.

(Vivian) “Not for you, for me! You were the weirdest thing. A child of light and dark. Insane dreams that manifest reality, so self-contained you didn’t need anyone. I never even got to throw you a coming out party!”

You Had A Job?

“You were hunted by an assassin?” Madison asked, her mind hadn’t gone much further than that.
“And then he married her,” Vivian said as she sauntered in the room with a grin on her face.
“You? You are the assassin? But you freaked out when you broke a fingernail cutting tomatoes!” Madison exclaimed.
“They are poison tipped, I couldn’t have you getting sick,” Vivian said.

Mother Daughter Time… in Hell

“Spill.” Her mother did love to get right to the point.
“You spill first,” Madison retorted.
Vivian laughed and shook her head. “No second rate demon is going to screw with my baby girl. I’ve always wanted to raise some hell with you… figured the best place to do it was here.”
Wow. Well, that actually fit in with her agenda. “Can we raise hell and snatch a certain living human from the clutches of a second rate demon?”

Meet Vivian and the rest of her crazy family in The Light by Kristy Denice Bock.




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