And The Beat Goes On…


Life takes a moment every now and again to remind me how funny it is. So this is me, talking to a guy. He tells me to call out sick. Seriously what kind of people live in this world that feel its okay to jeopardize your job to ‘hang out’. I’m hip to your lingo sir…

A friend of mine said she’d rather just be single than deal with the seven levels of Hell that is dating and with prime choices like the one above, I cant say as I blame her.  The previous lines that didn’t fit in the screenshot were him saying hello to me for the first time.

I’m fairly popular today. A 22 year old chatted me up, then got quiet… Probably when he realized I’m old enough to be his mother. (almost). He was at least polite and literate. Then there was a walking poster board for high blood pressure. His face was so red it looked like his eyeballs were going to pop out of his head and steam would erupt from his ears. Men… Hide your crazy at least for the first ten minutes. We are on to your games.

So, its moving weekend and i have no dates planned. Apparently my dating life sucks.


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