Hallmark > Lifetime

I often watch Hallmark movies when the mood strikes me to be sappy or sweet. What is amusing about this, is I seriously dislike Lifetime movies. Some would say they are the exact same, but I’m here to tell you, Hallmark has a softer touch, whereas Lifetime seems to want to make a soap opera of CNN. They seem to make a movie of every single real life event and turn it into a campy, over the top disaster in the making starring people like Lindsey Lohan. What does any of this have to do with anything you ask? I find myself in a movie that’s a cross between a Hallmark and a creepy Lifetime stalker-thon. For those of you that actually know me, you’ll find humor in the next few moments.

I received a random, out of the blue, Facebook message from a person whom I work with. I was going to share the screen shot, but as they know where I work, I thought I’d behave, and they’re probably a perfectly nice, sane, individual. One would hope. Here’s the catch. They sent me a semi-anonymous message with a fake name. Then then proceed to tell me how interested they were in me, and why it must be kept a secret. This disturbs me on two levels. One, I’m a bull in a China shop. Everything I do, I do with guns blazing and banners dropped. I never learned how to be cute, coy, or deferential. So the very idea that someone can’t just be open with me sends every red flag up in my brain. It’s like the Genie in Aladdin, WARNING. WARNING. WARNING.

Part of me is intrigued. I’ve never had a secret admirer before. (Because most people know me better than to try to be vague. I don’t pick up on social queues, have no idea when someone is flirting, and am all around horrible at reading people’s intentions.) So back to my secret admirer. I’m perplexed because I simply don’t understand the thought process behind sending a ‘secret’ Facebook message. While I do understand there are laws against sexual harassment, there isn’t against saying hello. What happened to talking to people, face to face, and getting to know them?

So what was my grand response? I have a blog on dating, go read it. Yes, dear readers. I sent him to my blog. Anyone who is interested in me should know the whole story first. That and I can’t get past a grown man, using words like ‘crush’. I’m not in middle school. The time for ‘Do you like me’ notes ended with training bras. I won’t be checking yes or no. I’ll be abstaining from a vote until I meet someone who can stand toe to toe with me.



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