Who is your Inner Goddess?

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Which Goddess are You?

Every woman is a little bit Goddess – but the real question is which Goddess are you?
1. Buy her a new pair. She didn’t mean it after all.
2. Forgive her, and use it as an excuse to buy a new pair for you.
3. Torch her favorite little black dress, then take her out to lunch. You are even after all.
4. Plan to make her life miserable but feel remorse over your plans.
5. Torture her endlessly until you’ve gotten your pound of flesh.
6. Blow up the town she lives in.

If a guy suddenly cancels a date on short notice you…?
1. Accept his words, he’d never lie to you about something like that.
2. Forgive him, and call up your #2 on your speed dial.
3. Drive to where he is, make a scene, then pay the tab and tell him you’ll call him next week.
4. Tell him what a schmuck he is, then call later that evening and express your guilt.
5. Drive to where he is, attack him and anyone who dares to defend him.
6. Blow up the city he’s located in.

If your favorite gold fish winds up floating belly up in the bowl, you?
1. Do everything in your power to bring it back to life.
2. Know that it’s little body will complete the circle of life.
3. Cry for a moment, then go buy a new goldfish and reuse the name.
4. Give it a porcelain burial and moan about the unfairness of it all.
5. Scream at its corpse and rage. Threaten every other living creature near you.
6. Drop some grenades in the lake and kill off the rest of the species.

Your boss makes you work overtime so she can go to a concert you’ve been dying to go to, you?
1. Figure can always go next time. She deserves a night out.
2. Work harder so you can have her job by that time next year.
3. Work the overtime, and send a virus to her computer.
4. Mope and whine about not going, and think of ways to get back at her.
5. Get her fired. She deserves it!
6. Wait until she’s at the concert and blow up her and everyone in it. Why should they be happy?

Mostly 1’s
You are Jaebo!! The Goddess of Light, Love and all things Good!!
Jaebo likes for everyone, and everything to be happy in her world. She will give you the shirt off her back, and forgive any transgression.

Mostly 2’s
You are Tatiana!! The Goddess of Elements!!
Tatianna isn’t perfect, but she strives to lead an exemplary life. Her ability to forgive is astounding, but she knows how to get her digs in now and again.

Mostly 3’s
You are Noxia!! The Supreme Ruler of the Universe!! Goddess of Balance!!
Noxia will cause just as many problems as she resolves. She’ll use everyone around her for the betterment of mankind and her Goddess sisters.

Mostly 4’s
You are Edereu!! The Goddess of Death!!
Edereu thinks she should be the supreme ruler and covets everything Noxia has. She makes the life of everyone around her miserable with her selfish and petty ways, but she does have a good side… somewhere.

Mostly 5’s
You are Killana!! The Goddess of Chaos and Strife!!
Killana has no boundaries or social skills. She’ll do everything and anything that sounds good at the time no matter who it disrupts. Actually… she hopes it disrupts everyone.

Mostly 6’s
You are Ulma!! The Goddess of Destruction!!
Ulma hates all humans and hopes they all die in a blaze fit for her to roast her marshmallows on.

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