Dating is like buying a used car. At first the hunt is exciting. It takes a while though to find a car that suits all of your needs. While car shopping is fun, too many test drives can be bad for ones health. We are warriors though, we persevere through the adversity of snake tongued salesman and lifetime deals that shroud hidden promises of headaches and financial woes.


Then you find that hidden gem. The diamond in the rough that makes your heart race and nether regions vibrate. Every thing you could hope for, wrapped up in a pleasing presentation of quality. So you do what any rational human does, pursue until you seal the deal.

So now you have this amazing new ride. Everything about it gives you goose bumps and you want to be in it every chance you get. It starts to get serious when you think of showing it off to your girls… Or your parents.

So what if its got a few oddly placed dings and Knicks. From the moment you drove off the lot, its been reliable, practical, and fun. Everything you ever put on your wish list for a car was there. And then it sputters. The check engine light comes on. Nothing major, just a warning that sounds off old fears in your head.

Is it just settling down? Getting the last few kinks out from the abuse of the last owner? Or is it something more? Doubt is a bitch my friends and the killer of all things happy. How many of my doubts are fears from the past sabotaging any chance I have at a future. Little things trigger amazing reactions that remind me why I’ve been single for as long as I have.

This new to me car must now pay for the sins of all the lemons in my past. Doubts are like weeds that grow in my mind, because things don’t work out that way for me.

Or they don’t work out that way for me because instead of using weed killer, I’m pollinating the yard with more. Ugh. I want off the crazy ride.


xoxoxo Kristy

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