@*&$ Rip Van Winkle

waitingI’ve spent the majority of my life, waiting for my life. When I became a financially stable adult, I will begin doing the things I want to do. When I become a  money making author, I will begin focusing more on me. When I fall in live and get married, I will start doing the things that are important to me. Until then though, I am just too damn busy to do anything but put one foot in front of the other and survive.

Too busy to go to the gym, even though I want to. I love swimming, and the feeling of weightlessness while in the pool. Anyone who is overweight or has joint problems can understand what I say when I can walk without pain in the pool because the water carries all the weight for me.

Far too busy to write because well.. Netflix. (And Hulu, and Amazon, and free DIRECTV.) Don’t get me started on Amazon’s time sink Kindle Unlimited. Good God I can throw back books like an alcoholic can sling back a brewsky.

I can’t go visit friends because they are just as busy as I am. I don’t make new friends because I am ridiculously socially awkward when it comes to real life. I can’t even get through one conversation without thinking to myself WILL YOU STOP TALKING!?!? YOU ARE RAMBLING! JUST ZIP IT!

As my job requires massive communication, some would find that funny. Today I did one thing for myself. I got up, went to the gym. Sat my ass on the recumbent bike for 30 minutes, swam two laps to cool down, sat in the Jacuzzi for like 5 minutes, got in the shower, and got ready for work. Then thanks to my lovely sister, had a cup of coffee on her at a funky little coffee shop some guy at work told me about,  and wrote one scene. I haven’t written jack in months.

I’ve had the best morning today that I’ve had in a long time. Just me, and my thoughts, and what I want to do. So this is what #Adulting is supposed to be like? Hmm. Nice.

I think I’ll try this again tomorrow





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