Mistakes and Forgiveness

A Pardon. Exoneration from crimes committed. Is that truly what became the entire crux of my relationship status? In my head, if he would have accidentally backed my brand new car into a phone pole, that would be a mistake. An act that had not been his intention, but the outcome was still a big … Continue reading Mistakes and Forgiveness


Choose to not choose.

When you let the world into your relationship, you tend to get a whole lot of advice. I learned so much over the past week, but mostly I learned about people. Every single person who I spoke with, had gone through this in some form or fashion. On one hand, it made me feel sad … Continue reading Choose to not choose.

Silent Rage

Betrayal is suffocating. Betrayed by a coward who hides from the deserved repercussions only fuels an inadequacy that anger cannot contain. You plaster a smile on your lips and pray that everyone stops looking at you like you will crumble at their feet. As if a betrayed spirit could ever be fragile enough to shatter. … Continue reading Silent Rage