It’s not just a name.

wife beat·er

noun: wife beater; plural noun: wife beaters; noun: wifebeater; plural noun: wifebeaters
  1. 1.
    a man who regularly or habitually hits his wife or female partner.
    “my second husband turned out to be a wife beater”
  2. 2.
    US informal
    a sleeveless undershirt.
    “I put on some shorts and a wife beater”

Let’s review this a moment. So it’s either a sadistic bully who puts his hands on the person he’s supposed to love, or a fucking t-Shirt.

It’s not just a name, or a nick name, it’s a slap in the face to every woman who has ever been hit. Did you know, that in some states, it is still legal to take your wife to the courthouse and beat her on the steps, as long as you use an appropriate sized belt or stick?

Abusers don’t take advantage of this though, no they beat the shit out of their wives in the privacy of their homes, and destroy her mind, body, and soul.

But, by all means, keep calling the shirt a wife beater. Would you wear the shift if it was called an child molester? I’m merely curious at this point because we are so completely and utterly desensitization to the world around us that we’ve lost our human connection.

I know this blog won’t change anything, but silence is our enemy.

Please respect one another.



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