Life Transitions

Every day of my life, I plan my life according to four life leeches otherwise known as my children. I did everything in my power to make sure they grew up healthy, stable, and happy.

Then they had the audacity to grow up. They turned into quasy adult humans who feel empowered to make their own decisions and move out.

What the hell is the point to investing time, effort, and thousands upon thousands of dollars on a child if they just turn around and do their own thing? Whoever came up with this plan did not think it through.

My sons are 16 and 17. I just got their knuckles to stop dragging on the floor. Now some other human will benefit from my hard work? Pass. No one but me taught them to chew with their mouths closed.

Don’t even get me started on my daughter’s going up. They make whole life choices without me. Forever choices! They are basically tall toddlers. This should be illegal. I simply do not agree with this #Adulting thing they are doing.

The control freak in me is threatening to burst out the graphs and flow charts to show them the errors of their ways. It is manifesting into a physical need. I must fix their lives!!!

The therapist called it kind of like onset Empty Nest Syndrome. Which is a fancy way of saying, I do not know how to be a human first, mother second. I don’t even know myself.

I guess it’s time to learn. First revelation I learned? I’m really good at public speaking. I don’t get scared or fear the reaction of others. I can rock a room of strangers.

Weird huh? I can’t even walk into a grand opening of a store because I will break out in hives and pass out. But I can tell someone in a economic development planning session that their way of thinking was counter productive defeatism. Who knew I was so quick witted. It takes me 4 hours to decide which restaurant I want to eat at.

Personal growth at it’s finest. lol



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