Discover Kinston – The Plan

Yesterday I’d posted about moving to Kinston, and the reaction from my friends. Today I’d like to come up with a game plan to further explore this community. So I have this map of downtown Kinston with the shopping, dining, and attractions highlighted. As Sundays and Mondays are my down days, i’m going to plan a few adventures. I hope you’ll join me on them, but if not, I’m happy to go by myself. I’ll be creating Facebook events for anyone who would like to attend.

So let’s plan our first week, shall we? This will be a plan for March 17th and 18th. Well, I jumped over to Facebook Events, and was unable to locate anything for those days. So much for the easy way! My goal is to come up with 3-4 events, and spend less than $50. As I can spend that on food alone, this is going to be tricky!

science museumFirst up – Ellis Planetarium, Health & Science Museum. From their website: The 5000-square-foot Health & Science Museum features hands-on health and science exhibits and programs. Exhibits include a giant Operation game, a miniature replica of UNC Lenoir Hospital that children can crawl into and play, an underground tunnel that portrays itself as a human blood vessel, a replica of the mouth, stomach, and intestines where you can crawl. While I can’t imagine I’ll be crawling through anything, it sounds fun. Admission is Free, and they’re open on Sunday March 17th between 1pm and 5pm. There is a planetary show at either 2pm or 4pm, which is $1.50 per person. So total cost for 3 people: $4.50.

An alternative option is Exchange Nature Center. Because… Fishing (I don’t have a license though, so boo.). As I am fairly certain my daughter and son will be with me, I’m pretty excited about this. It’s also closed on Monday, apparently everything in Kinston is closed on Mondays.

madhatterI’m thinking lunch should be something fun. The Mad Hatter, on W. North Street is a perfect choice because my daughter Hunter and I are both Alice in Wonderland fans. Also – they have Reubens and French Dip sandwiches. How can you possibly go wrong with that? Also – they’re open on Sunday, so as long as we’re done by 3:30pm, its lunch baby! At about $10 per person for lunch with a drink, this puts me at about $30. (Sheesh, even grown, my kids are expensive.)

Then, after we’ve filled our stomachs, and our minds are brimming with new knowledge, I thought we’d shoot over to Barnet Park and try our hand (or wrist, I guess) at Disc Golf. So, I’ll admit, I tried Disc Golf before, but that was 50 lbs ago, and I’m rather curious if i’m still an absolute train wreck at it. This is also a free activity. (YAY! Still at $34.50)

sisters-bottle-trimI’m pretty excited. Then I thought we’d wind the evening, and our tired bodies down with a mellow activity. Honestly, I plan to drop my not quite 21-year old children at home, and I’ll swing on over to Mother Earth Brewery, if its before 7pm for a beer. I’ll have about $12 bucks left of my goal to spend, and I can’t imagine a better way to end the day.

So there you have it, my first “Explore Kinston” Day. Now to get on Facebook and arrange it officially. I only know two people in Kinston, so i’ll be sure to invite both of them.

Love the community you live in, because only the residents can make it great.




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