Discover Kinston – Volume 1 – The recap

We had our first adventure!

So we got together and came up with a game plan on what we’d do for our first adventure. We had it all mapped out.

Except for one thing… What happens when you get men, women, and children together? Time ran away from us.

To start, let me first talk about the Ellis Health and Science Planetarium. What a cool little place. I can tell you that it is an under utilized resource in this community. Picture this if you will… twelve children, most elementary age, sitting quietly and staring at the ceiling learning about the stars. This is what happened! For over thirty minutes, the children were actively engaged and had intelligent follow up questions.

As a mother of four, and a former pre-school caregiver, I can assure you, that doesn’t happen in most settings. While it did bother me that the children were discouraged from asking questions, they themselves didn’t seem to mind. It’s easy to get offended for someone else, but if they’re not offended, I will zip my lip and mind my business.

After we played and explored, we finally decided it was time for lunch. Google needs to get its mess together because Mad Hatter closed at 3pm on Sundays, and we were not able to go there. This made me sad because it’s Alice in Wonderland themed. Also, Hunter really wanted a Reuben. So instead we went to Sugar Hill Pizza, directly across the street.

The set-up is more of a dine and dish than a sit down restaurant, though they have tables. There were 7 of us, and we had 2 menus. We were all pretty relaxed so it wasn’t a problem, just felt it was noteworthy.

Any perceived lack I saw was remedied when they made two grilled cheese sandwiches, an item not even on their menu, for a nine year old autistic young man who really wanted grilled cheese! Their food is wonderful. Everyone seemed to really enjoy it, and we had a wide variety of items. We will most definitely go here again.

After that we wrapped up because the Planetarium wore us out! Also, I didn’t steal the tortoise, even though I really wanted it!!!!

Our Volume 1 was a success and I’m actively planning our day 2 event!



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