Discover Kinston

Today I walked around all the shops that I’ve been driving past since moving to Kinston. The first place we stopped was Leah’s Treasures on North St. If you haven’t been to this shop, it’s highly recommended that you stop in and explore. Local artists and craftsman have created wonderful pieces of jewelry to look at, as well as other little trinkets and treasures you won’t be able to find at your local Walmart.

Then we explored an Art Gallery about a block away. While I’m not usually a fan of art, as I rarely understand it, I found myself drawn to a painting. I can’t remember if it was called Mother Nature or if it just reminded me of it, but it was thought provoking.

The next jaunt on our little excursion was to Serenite Modern Apothecary, which is where I spend time at during the week. They were having specials, including BOGO sales. If you know me at all, you know that I live for BOGOs.

We stopped and had lunch at Hawk’s Cafe and General Store. The four of us took an exceptionally long time deciding what we wanted for lunch, but the patient woman that waited on us didn’t seem to mind. Two of us had burgers, and they both raved about them. My daughter had a pulled pork sandwich, and then I had a grits bowl, which wasn’t on their menu, but they made better than I do, and I’ve been making it for over twenty-five years.

I wasn’t born in North Carolina, but I fell in love with grits when I was a child. But I have to mix my food, because I’m weird. So, my favorite breakfast is a warm bowl of creamy, buttery, cheesy grits, with bacon and sausage crumped up and mixed in. I normally order side items and then mix it myself once it’s brought to the table.

Imagine my surprise when they brought me an already mixed bowl, and it even had mushrooms in it. While weird, really gave it something extra that made me fall in love with the little cafe. I will be there again, very soon.

After lunch we went to the CSS Neuse Civil War Museum. I’d been hesitant to go there, because in the south, Civil War museums have been know to glorify slavery, and usually portray women in a light that the modern day gal will find insulting. However, I have to say, it’s factually driven, and not emotionally driven. There is a confederate flag on the wall, but for historical purposes, and not glorifying the reasons for succession.

I had an article due, so I had to go home and write it. I just tried sweet potato butter from Leah’s Treasures, and while I didn’t love it, it wasn’t awful. I’d of liked it more if it was more paste like, and less liquid like I think. That’s all for now, I’ll upload pictures later.



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