Just Another Paranormal Monday!!

Yay… I’m a guest on Just another Paranormal Monday today!!! How exciting!! Contest #1 for today… Leave a comment of your favorite Goddess… that’s it!! http://www.kristybock.com click meet the Goddesses come back here and leave a comment! You’ll win a free copy of Divine Touch When it’s released and an extra special prize from me!!!Continue reading “Just Another Paranormal Monday!!”

Ch1sc1 – rewrite… Remeet Elle!!

Elle rinsed her coffee mug under the small stream of lukewarm water and placed it in the strainer. She glanced around the house once more, turned the timer for the lights on, and checked her reflection in the mirror to ensure her ears were tucked in the headband she wore. With a quick glance atContinue reading “Ch1sc1 – rewrite… Remeet Elle!!”

Single Parent Diary – Absolute Authority

The greatest thing about being a single parent is the absolute authority. There is no one to share the decision making with. There is no one to offer their opinions of how something should, or should not be accomplished. No… instead I have four. Four unique and willful minds that ultimately feel they have anContinue reading “Single Parent Diary – Absolute Authority”

Write with childlike wonderment.

Yesterday I experienced something that I can’t recall ever doing before. I went to the circus. The whole experience was something that I’ll cherish forever. Watching the faces of my sons light up when the women twirled, the clowns danced and the men bounced on the tightrope, made it a profound experience. Having my fourContinue reading “Write with childlike wonderment.”

Publishers, Editors, Agents… oh my!!

I don’t think I ever truly realized the depth of research that had to be done *after* the book was written. I’ve made and developed a network of supportive people with a great deal of advice to offer on any aspect of publication. The problem with that is the conflicting advice. It seems everyone hasContinue reading “Publishers, Editors, Agents… oh my!!”

I can too!

It seems as though everyone is writing a book these days. Former President George W Bush thinks that people want to know about his decision making processes. Brett Michaels, you know that rock singer and horrid reality show guy, yes, him. He is going to write about his time with Poison (When he was relevant).Continue reading “I can too!”

Impatiently learning to be patient.

My book is done, it’s book one of a tentative series I called the Divine Ones. The Divine Ones are six Goddess’s who have children that must pass three Trials of Humanity to live as a deity among human mortals. The book I just finished took me six long months to write. To some ofContinue reading “Impatiently learning to be patient.”

Magazines, shmagazines.

I’ll admit to being young enough to claim the internet era as my own. Just yesterday, I was asked about reading magazines as a means to find out information for new books. Wait… What? You can find book information from magazines? People do that? What on earth for, when the Internet is at your fingertips.Continue reading “Magazines, shmagazines.”