Discover Kinston – Volume 1 – The recap

We had our first adventure! So we got together and came up with a game plan on what we’d do for our first adventure. We had it all mapped out. Except for one thing… What happens when you get men, women, and children together? Time ran away from us. To start, let me first talkContinue reading “Discover Kinston – Volume 1 – The recap”

Discover Kinston – Volume 1 – The Morning!

I have this love hate relationship with Sunday mornings. On one hand, it’s the weekend and I should be happily in bed until at least noon. Of course, that might have happened twenty years ago, but sadly, not anymore. Now my eyes pop open and my brain says coffee. Once the thought of coffee hasContinue reading “Discover Kinston – Volume 1 – The Morning!”

It’s not just a name.

wife beat·er ˈwīfˌbēdər/ noun USinformal noun: wife beater; plural noun: wife beaters; noun: wifebeater; plural noun: wifebeaters 1. a man who regularly or habitually hits his wife or female partner. “my second husband turned out to be a wife beater” 2. US informal a sleeveless undershirt. “I put on some shorts and a wife beater”Continue reading “It’s not just a name.”