Living off the kindness of strangers…

Now don’t take that title the wrong way… I pay my own bills (And usually on time too!!) What I mean by that is how much one a single compliment, from someone I don’t know, can fuel my ability to write for days. A while back, there was a joke about authors needing to beContinue reading “Living off the kindness of strangers…”

JAPM April 12th Divine Touch Contest

Today’s contest is simple… with great rewards!! All you have to do, is go to and purchase a copy of Divine Touch email me your order # and you are entered to win fabulous prizes! (kristy_bock(at)gmx(dot)com) Not only will you get a wonderful book to read with your order but you can win allContinue reading “JAPM April 12th Divine Touch Contest”

Just Another Paranormal Monday!!

Yay… I’m a guest on Just another Paranormal Monday today!!! How exciting!! Contest #1 for today… Leave a comment of your favorite Goddess… that’s it!! click meet the Goddesses come back here and leave a comment! You’ll win a free copy of Divine Touch When it’s released and an extra special prize from me!!!Continue reading “Just Another Paranormal Monday!!”

Ch1sc1 – rewrite… Remeet Elle!!

Elle rinsed her coffee mug under the small stream of lukewarm water and placed it in the strainer. She glanced around the house once more, turned the timer for the lights on, and checked her reflection in the mirror to ensure her ears were tucked in the headband she wore. With a quick glance atContinue reading “Ch1sc1 – rewrite… Remeet Elle!!”

Magazines, shmagazines.

I’ll admit to being young enough to claim the internet era as my own. Just yesterday, I was asked about reading magazines as a means to find out information for new books. Wait… What? You can find book information from magazines? People do that? What on earth for, when the Internet is at your fingertips.Continue reading “Magazines, shmagazines.”