Pounds of Shame

On 4/28/2017 I made the conscious decision to make a change in my life. I weighed 283 lbs and struggled with the most basic of activities. I didn't wear sneakers because I couldn't bend down to tie them. I didn't wear tShirts because the sleeve would be too tight around the fat of my arms. … Continue reading Pounds of Shame


It’s not just a name.

wife beat·er ˈwīfˌbēdər/ noun USinformal noun: wife beater; plural noun: wife beaters; noun: wifebeater; plural noun: wifebeaters 1. a man who regularly or habitually hits his wife or female partner. "my second husband turned out to be a wife beater" 2. US informal a sleeveless undershirt. "I put on some shorts and a wife beater" … Continue reading It’s not just a name.

Silent Rage

Betrayal is suffocating. Betrayed by a coward who hides from the deserved repercussions only fuels an inadequacy that anger cannot contain. You plaster a smile on your lips and pray that everyone stops looking at you like you will crumble at their feet. As if a betrayed spirit could ever be fragile enough to shatter. … Continue reading Silent Rage