The Ignorance of Others

I read an article today that made me angry. It was an ignorant mother writing to a mother of a special needs child. At first I was simply shocked and in awe of the pure degradation that spewed forth from the angry woman. In one letter, she showed that there were members of our societyContinue reading “The Ignorance of Others”

Single Parent Diary – Absolute Authority

The greatest thing about being a single parent is the absolute authority. There is no one to share the decision making with. There is no one to offer their opinions of how something should, or should not be accomplished. No… instead I have four. Four unique and willful minds that ultimately feel they have anContinue reading “Single Parent Diary – Absolute Authority”

Write with childlike wonderment.

Yesterday I experienced something that I can’t recall ever doing before. I went to the circus. The whole experience was something that I’ll cherish forever. Watching the faces of my sons light up when the women twirled, the clowns danced and the men bounced on the tightrope, made it a profound experience. Having my fourContinue reading “Write with childlike wonderment.”

I can too!

It seems as though everyone is writing a book these days. Former President George W Bush thinks that people want to know about his decision making processes. Brett Michaels, you know that rock singer and horrid reality show guy, yes, him. He is going to write about his time with Poison (When he was relevant).Continue reading “I can too!”